We create objects imbued with the virtues of art, joy, & discovery to promote a more considered existence.

Our Values

Visionary Design, No Compromise.

Our products are designed at the highest quality for the most value. We promote accessible design without comprising the form.

Better Products for a Better World.

Our commitment to good design starts with reducing the environmental impact of our production process & developing sustainable practices.

Globally Inspired, Northwest Made.

We pull inspiration from Japanese & Nordic design while showcasing local Pacific Northwest materials & partners.

Tools for a Life Well Lived.

We make things that help celebrate whats truly worthwhile - lively discussion, delicious food, a circle of new and familiar faces around a table.

Our Story

We design products the right way, for ourselves, our community and our planet.

Our ideals of sustainability & collective betterment live through our choice of local materials and partnerships. We love celebrating all that is good.

You might find us smoking at the bluffs listening to music, tending to our passions, or preparing a four course meal and sharing it with friends, old and new, late into the evening. We make space for people to indulge, but not greedily. We produce objects that inspire connection and consideration of why we are really on this Earth - to live well together.

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